Callum Nowlan-Dias is a London-based Web Developer and Technologist. He has worked with ESA (European Space Agency) and as a Research Assistant for the University of Southampton where he graduated. Always interested to hear of new opportunities, so please get in touch.

(Selected Work)
TFL Bike Data Vis
  • Data Vis

A real-time data visualisation of Santander Cycle hires in London. Data is from the TFL Unified API and rendered using MapBox GL and React.

Anna Neugebauer
  • Website
  • Fashion

An image-led portfolio site for make-up artist Anna Neugebauer. The website features a novel image viewer to browse through the collection of images.

Markov Name Generator
  • Creative Coding
  • Website

A side project that generates names using a Markov Chain from the top 2000 public companies in the world (Forbes, 2017). Data was scraped using Python's Beautiful Soup and the chain was implemented in Javacript.

Web Painter
  • Chrome Extension
  • Tool

A Chrome Extension for drawing on webpages, this side project was developed to help communicate with clients and design with collaborators. Check it out on Github and use it yourself.

Dice Consulting
  • Website

Worked with Delivered by Post for Dice Consulting an engineering consultancy. The site uses animated SVGs and SVG masks to maintain the brand identity across the site.

Ed Hatfield
  • Website
  • Creative Coding

Programmed graphic designer Ed Hatfield's website. Based on Ed's practice of 'challenging and rethinking convention', he wanted an interactive element where the user has to erase the foreground to reveal the content.

  • Website

A splash page for Girlhood; a social media platform for girls to empower each other. The customised cursor reveals a teaser showcasing the T-shirts that are being sold to finance development of the full site. Full site coming — Autumn 2018.

Joseph Atkinson
  • Website

A typographic-led portfolio site for Joseph Atkinson, developed with the intention of keeping his work forefront with delightful interactions to aid navigating around the site.

A Sum of Parts
  • Video

A Sum of Parts was collaborative events program featuring discussions and workshops to showcase WSA's graduating class. I produced and edited the promotional video for Kickstarter and some interstitials that would sandwhich video screenings at the show.

Play Sound
  • Prototype
  • Identity

A tool to help students find out about events and lectures taking place at WSA. Students and tutors could submit events which would display on the website. The website could be broadcast on screens around campus.