Charity Collection App
  • User Interface
  • UX

I tried to organise a collection for stuff I no longer needed, it wasn't the most smooth process.

Highlighted problems include:

  • Time consuming process for both parties.
  • Can only be arranged during stipulated work day hours by calling.
  • Certain charities have different arms for certain items (this involved being transferred on the call).
  • Call operator can only judge by verbal communication — which can be limiting on detail.
  • Potential efficiencies to be made with a digital system and a routing algorithm.
Prototype — Adding a photo of the items to be collected
Prototype — Selecting the categories of items to be collected
Prototype — Selecting preferred time for collection
Prototype — Choosing collection address through Mapbox API

Perhaps Uber, Addison Lee, ViaVan et al could do some pro-bono allowing the charities to leverge their routing software and idle drivers.