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The Moon Village is a vision by ESA Director General Johann-Dietrich Wörner which is to have permanent self-sustainable lunar operations around the year 2030. He describes his vision articulately in this video . In order to acheive the Moon Village he says we need a multi-lateral effort of different actors joining together — states, individuals, private companies and continental institutions — to establish an common infrastructure on the Moon that has the capacity for parties to undertake first-class fundamental research, participate, explore and develop. But it is still just an idea in development; no formal definition of the Moon-Village exists to date.

ESA wanted to generate excitement and wonder among the attendees to their various Open Days and Expos about the ideas surrounding the Moon Village. This website stood as a physical installation at their Open Day at ESTEC in Noordwijk. The website worked well, it encouraged discussion and inspired a lot of the younger attendees. Users really enjoyed looking and the previous posts, it provoked conversations around whether some ot ideas were feasible and created a genuine curiosity about what the Moon Village could entail. Most people found it hard to come up with ideas, you could see they wanted to think of something really useful, original, cool, they would spend a long time thinking and talking to each other, almost crippled to post something.

Attendees could browse previous suggestions and add their own.
Admin area to approve comments in case nobody was manning the concession.

The was site built using Three.js and Vue.js on the Front-End and a CRUD API built in Laravel. I created a Admin area using Laravel Passport where an admin could moderate the suggestions.